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Free Play chess against other human players
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Test your chess skills against random human opponents or versus your friends from Facebook. The game requires a working Internet connection.

Multiplayer Chess is the classical chess game that consists of moving your pieces to capture the opponent's king. When you move a piece to attack the king, then the opponent must make a move so that the king is no longer under attack, failing to do so will result in a checkmate and the opponent loses. If you moved so that the opponent cannot make any valid move, then this is called stalemate and the result is a draw game.Multiplayer Chess is a simple chess game in which you play against other players online. You can register an account or you can play as a guest. When you first enter the game, you can sit at an open table or open a new table and wait for players to join you. This may take a while, but there's no other way. It would be great if you could also play with another player locally. Like in any Chess game, the objective is to make a series of premeditated moves to get your opponent's king. The board is really simple, offering simple pieces in silver and gold. There are no other board customization options, and you cannot chat with the other players, which is really a shame. The game can be played from the developer's website or you can download it to your computer, which I wouldn't recommend because you need an internet connection to play anyway, and there are no differences in the user interface.
In short, Multiplayer Chess is a simple chess game to play with other players when you are bored, but it lacks many options that would make it interesting.

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Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics
  • Free
  • You can play against other player


  • No chat nor customization options
  • Not so many users online to play
  • Doesn't support a local game


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